A deeper look at Health

Humans have two types of sensors. Internal sensors are capable of sensing pain, feelings, balance, mood, etc. External sensors capture information extraneous to us by sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Unfortunately, our natural sensors do not give us a measure of our health and what is going on inside us. That’s why we created the Deep Health Device™ to augment our natural sensors with 16 additional artificial pressure, acoustic, bioelectrical, amperometric, temperature and electromyography sensors to capture the next level of health data beyond our human senses. The Deep Health Device™ sends mild signals through your body and measures how the CVS flows through various tissues.6 Various sensors measure the fast flow of signals through muscle and soft tissue, and slow flow through  tendons and bone. By measuring exactly how much resistance it encounters and where, it can reveal an incredibly detailed ‘below the surface’ view of your body composition and function.7 It also is also simple & affordable enough that anyone with a iPhone or Android phone can use it in their home or office. 




The Delay Problem – And Its Effect on Health- Dr. Bomi Joseph

“The delay problem” is my term to describe what happens when we do something now and the consequences of our actions show up many years later. Our mind is not able to connect our current lifestyle choices to the price we may have to pay for them in the future. This paper explains the paradigm of the “delay problem” and its effect on our health.