Absorbable Calcium for Bone Strength & Health

  • Superior form of calcium for healthy bones

  • Up to 37% more absorbable & effective

  • With silica & other bone health cofactors

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Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body. It is required by every cell in our bones, heart and brain for optimal function. But the calcium stores in our bones and teeth naturally decline every year after age 40. Some people require extra calcium and struggle to get adequate amounts their diet. Others are intolerant to dairy, the richest food source of calcium. Thankfully, there’s Osteo: a bioavailable calcium supplement with all the necessary vitamin & mineral co-factors for maximum absorption. Osteo is the perfect bone health formula for athletes, menopausal women and mature men.

The calcium citrate malate in Osteo is a superior version that can be absorbedly directly into the cell membranes.1 It was found to be 37% percent more absorbable than the common form of supplemental calcium, calcium carbonate. Calcium citrate malate also promotes maintenance of bone mass, protects bone strength & health in the elderly, can be consumed with or without food, works with low stomach acid, supports kidney health & protects against calcium excess.2

Osteo also contains horsetail herb, which is rich in silica, that helps the body absorb calcium and supports healthy bone structure and mineralization.3,4 Every tablet contains the crucial cofactors vitamin D, zinc and magnesium that help your body absorb the calcium and support strong, healthy bones for many years to come.5,6,7

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