The Ultimate Artery Health Formula

  • Supports healthy cholesterol & inflammation levels

  • Reduces arterial clogging

  • Energizes the heart and protects ‘artery wall’ cells

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Our heart is our life support system, supplying oxygen-rich blood & nutrients to all other organs in our body. Beating almost 40 million times per year, it works hard and uses a tremendous amount of energy. Our circulatory system is also delicate and highly susceptible to the impact of oxidative stress, arterial inflammation and excess dietary fats. That’s why balanced blood pressure, LDL and cholesterol levels are key to a balanced & healthy life. Athero is an advanced formula containing 9 of the most potent antioxidant herbs and cardio supplements tested by modern clinical research. It provides comprehensive support & protection for your heart and arteries and embrace what you love in life.

Each tablet of Athero contains:

  • Pomegranate extract to support clean arteries1

  • Grape seed extract for antioxidant protection2

  • Green tea extract for healthy cholesterol3

  • Moringa extract to keep blood lipids balanced4

  • L-Arginine for relaxed arteries and expanded bloodflow5

  • Indian barberry for healthy LDL balance6

  • Coenzyme Q10 energizes the heart & protects artery walls7

  • Olive leaf extract for blood pressure & lipid control8

  • Garlic for healthy platelet function9

30 tablets per bottle.

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