Insulup Tablets


Supports Blood Sugar Balance & a Healthy Insulin Response

  • Potent botanical extracts & anti-inflammatory herbs

  • Nutrients to support metabolic health

  • Antioxidants to assist sugar breakdown

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Blood sugar, or glucose, is an important fuel for our brain, red blood cells and kidneys. Glucose is maintained by a hormone called insulin and problems can quickly arise when either aren’t balanced. When blood sugar strays out of the healthy range, we can accumulate excess abdominal fat and experience brain fog, fatigue, sleep disturbances and food cravings. Insulup is a powerful, plant-based supplement designed to support healthy blood sugar balance from every angle. It contains an entire range of herbs, vitamins and minerals designed to precisely support healthy metabolic function.

Insulup contains:

  • Bitter melon extract for better blood sugar balance1

  • Cinnamon extract to support healthy inflammation2

  • Fenugreek extract to support a healthy insulin response3

  • Licorice extract to help lower blood glucose & inflammation4

  • Carnitine and Chromium for metabolism support5,6

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid to improve sugar breakdown7

  • 9 vitamins & minerals essential for metabolic health

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