Immunis Tablets


Modulates Inflammation & Supports Kidney Health

  • Supports joint comfort & a healthy inflammation response

  • Protects kidneys and supports their function

  • Promotes healthy breathing & a relaxed airway

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Immunis is an extract of the spreading hogweed (Boerhavia diffusa) plant, known to Ayurvedic herbalists as punarnava or “the one that renews” body and youth. It contains a wealth of anti-oxidant compounds with well-documented effects on the immune system, blood sugar and breathing. Punarnava is especially suited at modulating inflammation and supporting healthy kidney function. Each tablet of Immunis can help provide joint support,1,2 kidney health support,3,4,5blood sugar & lipid support,6,7 healthy breathing & a relaxed airway.8

Our kidneys perform the vital role of filtering out wastes and extra water from our blood to make urine. Studies suggesting the active compounds in Immunis can help protect kidneys from toxins, and it may also reduce calcium oxalate crystallization to support healthy kidney function. The herbal extract in Immunis also acts as a natural diuretic to support healthy fluid balance and urine flow, offering 100% natural kidney support. 30 tablets per bottle.

Try a bottle of this time-tested, powerfully rejuvenating herb today!

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