Probiotics for Digestive Health & Balance

  • Supports healthy digestive function

  • Supports mood & blood sugar balance

  • Up to 65 billion viable organism cells per capsule!

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Anywhere between 2 to 4 pounds of bacteria (“flora”) are living inside of our gut!1 Some of this bacteria is beneficial but a few “bad” strains are usually in the mix. As we get older, take prescription antibiotics, or eat junk food, the ratio between the good and bad gut bacteria can become imbalanced. This can cause problems with digestion and also throughout the entire body.2 Gutflora is a blend of 13 of the most beneficial probiotic “good bacteria” strains, with up to 65 billion viable cells packed into each capsule. As you continue to take Gutflora, it multiplies and becomes a living pillar of health and defense inside of you.

Our gut is filled with sensors and immune cells that detect subtle changes and send signals to other organs in the body. When the gut’s flora becomes unbalanced, the consequences can be severe.3 Studies on humans show that probiotics can have a diverse range of health benefits.4 They can decrease the number of harmful bacteria, reduce occasional discomfort and gas, and well as support bowel regularity.5 Probiotics also support positive moods and may boost serotonin & GABA levels.6,7 In addition, they can break down non-digestible carbohydrates, support the immune system, and make additional B vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids.8

Each bottle of Gutflora contains 30 capsules with up to 65 billion viable organism cells inside each capsule.

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