Centurus Tablets


Vitamin & Antioxidant Formula for Healthy Aging

  • Phytoceramides for smooth, healthy skin

  • Carnitine for mood & energy support

  • Promotes healthy inflammation & memory function

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Aging is primarily caused by oxidative stress and random errors in DNA replication.1 Millions of tiny dings and kinks on the cellular level cause our body to slowly “unravel” over time. But by taking better control of our diet, lifestyle and supplements, we can slow the decline and improve our health and energy levels going forward. Centurus is an anti-oxidant and nutrition formula for older adults, designed to support your efforts to stay happy, healthy and wise − at anyage!

Centurus features:

  • Ceramides are the natural “cement” that keeps our skin cells held together tightly and levels rapidly decline with age, causing dryness and sagging. Centurus contains phytoceramides which have been shown in clinical studies to improve skin tone and hydration.2

  • Carnitine is an important amino acid and our levels decline rapidly with age. Supplementing carnitine has been shown to boost physical performance by up to 11%,3 and it can also improve moods and sleep.

  • Experiments show that curcumin can extend the lifespan of animals, possibly by boosting internal antioxidants and slowing the expression of age-related genes.4 It can also offer mood support and may boost memory & attention in older adults.5,6

  • The “universal antioxidant” alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is required by every cell of the body. It has been shown to extend the lifespan of insects and small animals. It may also support healthy aging in humans by fighting free radicals, rejuvenating mitochondria and increasing telomere length.7

  • Vitamin D is needed for proper hormone balance and immune function. Vitamin A helps protect our eyes and skin, nurtures the growth of cells that make collagen and promotes tissue repair.8 Vitamin C’s role in collagen synthesis makes it crucial for youthful, healthy skin.

Each bottle of Centurus contains 30 tablets.

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