Supports Healthy Cognitive Function & Brain Tissue

  • Supports healthy brain tissue & memory

  • Supports normal levels of brain inflammation

  • Promotes calm moods & enhanced focus

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Fighters and athletes in full-contact sports live life on the edge. They go “head-to-head” in physical confrontations and absorb many intense blows. Sadly, the long-term implications of an athletic career can last for decades after retirement.

A “Game Changing” Protective Herbal Extract

A powerful, stimulating “excitotoxin” called quinolinic acid (QA) gets released in the brain each time the head is struck. QA is metabolized very slowly and lingers over time, where it can promote inflammation and make it harder to think clearly and maintain a calm, positive outlook.1 Cerebelus is a potent extract of the Indian flannelweed (Sida cordifolia)plant.

The active compound in Cerebelus, kynurenic acid, calms the brain receptor activated by QA and may modulate some of its toxic and excitatory effects.2 A study on animals suggests that the active ingredients in Cerebelus may help protect brain tissue.3 In a study (not yet published) on professional soccer players in Europe and Asia, players who did not take the compounds in Cerebelus felt worse than the players who took them as a preventative measure.

Perfect for Athletes, Students & Office Workers!

Cerebelus is perfect for athletes & ex-athletes. It’s also great for students, creatives, office workers or anyone who needs to maintain mental clarity & focus on the job. Be amazed by the protective & cognitive-enhancing magic of Cerebelus: try it today!

Each bottle of Cerebelus contains 30 liquid softgels.

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