Diabet Juice


Introducing the “Insulin Plant,” A Breakthrough in Blood Sugar Balance Support!

  • Helps “reset” metabolism and adapt to healthier diet

  • Contains insulin-like protein that support blood sugar balance

  • Promotes a healthy response to insulin & leptin

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Obesity and diet-related blood sugar imbalances are a serious worldwide health crisis. Peak Helath Center is proud to introduce spiral ginger (Costus pictus), an exciting “new” herb with powerful blood sugar balancing properties. Nicknamed the “insulin plant” in India, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend patients with diet-related blood sugar imbalances to chew fresh spiral ginger leaves and conventional doctors there are starting to recommend it, too.

Researchers have confirmed that spiral ginger extract can stimulate insulin secretion in human pancreas cells,1 and it fights insulin & leptin resistance in animals due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.2 In a 2018 study, scientists found that the active compounds in Diabet “efficiently managed type 2 diabetes” in mice.3 Pilot studies suggest that Diabet may have also have significant relief potential for humans, as well.

Diabet is available exclusively through Phyto Farmacy in very limited quantities. Each bottle contains 400 mL (13.52 oz), approximately one month’s supply.

A discounted Diabet “Twin Pack” is also available.189.95

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Weight 13.2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 in


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