Kriya® Hops 100mg Tablets (30Tablets)


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Kriya® Hops 100mg

30 Tablets Per Bottle

  • Promotes a healthy immune response

  • Supports calm, confident moods

  • For relief of occasional, minor discomfort caused by everyday activities

The 100mg timed-release tablets are designed to support the body’s natural immune system response when it is heavily challenged and put to the test.

The patented, hybrid Kriya® Hops vines (US patent #PP31,477 P3)

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Take one tablet by mouth every 6 hours or as directed by your practitioner. For optimal absorption take before a meal.

To finely calibrate your optimal dose according to your sex, height, and medical condition, download the beta version of the ImmunAG app – available at the Apple App Store. 



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