Phyto Melatonin


Introducing: Plant-Based Melatonin for Restful Sleep

  • Promotes the rapid onset of sleep

  • 100% plant-based & non-synthetic

  • Helps the biological clock adapt to schedule changes & jetlag

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Melatonin is the hormone that helps us fall asleep. It gets released from the pineal glad after our eyes detect sustained darkness. This means our natural sleep cycle can easily be disturbed by digital screens, lights, shift work and travel. Phyto Melatonin is a brand new, high-potency form of plant-based melatonin. While it is the same molecule as synthetic melatonin, many people say they prefer the effectiveness, feeling and subtle afterglow of the natural version. It promotes the natural sense of relaxation which comes before falling into a deep, restful sleep.

Most melatonin is synthetically made from a chemical called phthalimide. Up to 14 contaminants can potentially occur during the process. Phytomelatonin is the same molecule made by plants, using nothing but sunlight, fresh air & nutrients in the soil. We take dried St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) and feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium), which are both rich in natural melatonin,1 and perform a solvent-less supercritical extraction using carbon dioxide. Phyto Melatonin helps to naturally “unwind” from everyday stresses before bed. It shifts the body’s balance towards the parasympathetic (relaxing) side of the nervous system while supporting already healthy, normal blood pressure levels.2 Studies suggest that natural phytomelatonin may improve overall sleep quality.3 Many customers report waking up feeling rested and refreshed – not groggy or hungover – after taking Phyto Melatonin the night before. Order now and discover the magic of Phyto Melatonin!

Each bottle contains 30 tablets.

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