Prostro Tablets


Supports Prostate Health & Comfort

  • Supports normal nighttime urination & restful sleep

  • Designed to help block excess DHT

  • Highly-absorbable zinc for prostate defense

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The prostate is a sensitive part of the male reproductive system that’s extremely susceptible to inflammation. As most men get older their prostate naturally tends to enlarge. While not always dangerous, an enlarged prostate can mean discomfort, trouble urinating and sleep interruptions that can undermine quality of life and relationships.

Prostro contains 3 powerful herbs and minerals scientifically proven to promote prostate health and comfort: saw palmetto berry extract, pumpkin seed extract & zinc gluconate.

Saw palmetto inhibits an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT, a hormone that can accelerate prostate growth. A year-long study found that saw palmetto was more effective than the drug finasteride at supporting normal nighttime urination and restful sleep.1 The phytosterols in pumpkin seeds can block DHT during the conversion process and also at the receptor sites. In a 2019 study, German-speaking scientists gave pumpkin seed extract to 60 men with benign prostate enlargement. Within 3 months, their reported discomfort was reduced by an average of 30% and night-time urination “significantly decreased over time.”2 Prostate cells require 10 to 15x more zinc than any other cells in the human body, and low levels of zinc appear to increase the risk of serious prostate issues.3 Prostro contains zinc gluconate, which is one of the highest absorption forms of zinc available on the market.4

Plant-based, yet effective and backed by science, Prostro has you covered! Try it today.

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