For Optimal Blood Pressure Management

  • Supports calm moods & normal heart rates

  • Supports healthy systolic blood pressure

  • May support healthy cholesterol levels

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Indian snakeroot (Rauvolfia serpentina) in a small evergreen shrub with white flowers and dark purple fruits. Native to the Indian subcontinent, its roots have been used for millennia and described in ancient medical texts. The main compounds reserpine and yohimbine work to relax your heart muscles and promote an sense of overall tranquility.1 Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi was reportedly fond of the herb. He used the root to make a tea that he consumed in the evening to help relax after a hectic, overstimulating day of fighting for his country’s independence. According to Dr. Frank Finnerty, M.D., Indian snakeroot seems to be most effective in excitable patients to help support normal heart rates and blood pressure levels.2 According to 2016 review by Canadian researchers, 4 different high-quality clinical trials on humans concluded that reserpine can support normal systolic blood pressure (SBP) levels.3

May Also Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels

A study at the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry gave rabbits fed a high-cholesterol diet reserpine for 6 weeks. Their total cholesterol levels reduced by 42% and heart rate was decreased by 28%.4 Another animal study concluded that reserpine is effective at decreasing cholesterol in the plasma, arteries and heart by increasing high-affinity LDL receptors in the liver.5

Each tablet of Redsura contains Rauvolfia serpentina root extract, equivalent to 200mg of dried root. Discover the calming magic of Redursa for yourself by ordering a bottle today!

30 tablets per bottle.

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