Rejure Oil


Prized by Royalty for Topical Relief

  • More than 700 different medicinal compounds in each drop!

  • Rub it directly on stubborn aches, pains & stiffness

  • For topical use only

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Rejure is a classic Ayurvedic topical relief oil that was historically reserved for the rich and powerful. Its first recorded use was in 1674 at the royal court of Indian warrior king Shivaji Maharaj. The king suffered pain from combat injuries and he was massaged daily with a healing oil made from the strongest known herbs. We hand-craft our Rejure oil according to the exact recipe written by the king’s physician. The base layer of Rejure is a blend of sesame and eucalyptus oils, which are known for detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and muscle-relaxant properties.1

Rejure is an extract of 42 powerful herbs, ranging from the mighty Himalayan cedar and the eerie “broken bones tree” to the delicate snow lotus & spiked ginger lily. There is such a wide diversity of trees and plant extracts that we’ve nicknamed Rejure a “forest in a bottle.” The 42 herbs are boiled in the oil and cooled a total of 59 times, according to the traditional recipe. The laborious, handcrafted process takes a minimum of 3 months to complete. The final result is a thin, light amber oil with a sweet, earthy, and mentholated fragrance. When rubbed into the skin near aches, pains, and areas of soft tissue discomfort, Rejure is astonishingly potent and fast-acting. A recent spectrographic analysis of Rejure oil identified at least 740 distinct molecular compounds. A little goes a long way: every drop is completely filled to the brink with powerful plant essences!

Each glass bottle contains 1oz (30 mL) of Rejure topical oil in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser top. Don’t delay, try a bottle today and discover the soothing magic of Rejure!

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