Stops Sugar Cravings & Supports Weight Loss Efforts

  • Blocks your “sweet tooth” to immediately stop cravings

  • Reduces sugar absorption in the gut

  • Promotes healthy carbohydrate metabolism

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Gymnema sylvestre is a woody climbing shrub native to the tropical forests in India, Africa and Australia. Used since ancient times by Ayurvedic herbalists for various ailments, it is known in Hindi as gurmar or “sugar destroyer.” The plant contains compounds that block the tongue’s sweet taste buds to discourage the consumption of sugar. Sucrolo tablets contain 200mg of full-spectrum gymnema extract that inhibits the absorption of sugar in the gut, improves carbohydrate metabolism and supports weight loss efforts. Sucrolo blocks your “sweet tooth” & immediately stops sugar cravings,1reduces sugar absorption in the gut,2 promotes healthy carbohydrate metabolism,3 provides diet & weight loss support,4,5and supports a healthy inflammation response.6,7

Sucrolo contains a peptide called gurmarin with a molecular shape that is very similar to sugar. It fits into the sweet taste buds on the tongue, blocking them from detecting the blissful sweet sensations. Pop a Sucrolo tablet in your mouth a few minutes before a meal to instantly “switch off” the temptation for desserts. Even if you cave in and nibble on something sweet it will taste completely bland and unsatisfying. The sugar blocking effect lasts for a few hours and you can re-take it as often as needed.

Finally, there is an effective & all-natural way to control those insatiable sugar “demons.” Jump on the fast track to better health and a slimmer figure: order Sucrolo today!

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