Diet & Metabolic Energy Support

  • Powerful diet & appetite support

  • Helps the body burn calories faster

  • Stimulant-free metabolic “energy boost”

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Some people are born with a naturally slow metabolism which makes it easy for excess pounds to sneak up, even when they try to diet or exercise. That’s why we formulated Trimm, a powerful blend of 10 natural ingredients to support a healthy metabolism that efficiently “burns” calories into useable energy. It also assists digestion and promotes feelings of satiety.

Trimm contains cayenne pepper extract with capsaicin, which has been shown in clinical studies to modestly boost the metabolic rate, enhance energy expenditure and suppress hunger.1 It also contains bladderwrack, an iodine-rich seaweed that supports the body making thyroid hormones that regulate metabolism. Fenugreek and ginger that can improve digestion and support blood sugar levels already within normal ranges,2,3 and may help reduce food cravings. A study published by Norwegian scientists suggests that glucomannan may help overweight people on lower calorie diets,4 and another study found that black pepper extract may increase the total number of calories the body “burns.”5 If you’re serious about maintaining a healthy weight & lifestyle and you want a natural boost to help reach your goals, order Trimm today!


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