Supports a Healthy Urinary Tract

  • Cleanses the bladder

  • Get the benefits of cranberry, minus the calories

  • Helps maintain bladder comfort

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Women and men have major anatomical differences in their urinary tracts. Because of this, many women require additional nutritional support. That’s why we created Yurt, a potent blend of Cranberry extract and uva ursi (bearberry) leaf. These extracts deliver potent antioxidants and natural compounds that cleanse the bladder and supports a healthy urinary tract.1 Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins (PACs) that can have antioxidant power 20 times greater than vitamin E and 50 times greater than vitamin C.2 Cranberry extracts have been found to promote urinary tract health in a wide range of published experiments.3,4 Every serving of Yurt contains the equivalent of over 1.25 grams of dried cranberry powder in an extract that’s at least 30% organic acids and PACs. Yurt offers the nutritional benefits of real cranberry without the fattening calories!

Yurt also contains a 4:1 dried leaf extract of uva ursi, also known as bearberry fruit. Wild bears love to feast on the plant’s berries but human scientists are more interested in the dried leaf extract. It contains natural compounds that may help promote urinary tract health, and it may also help maintain bladder comfort.5,6

Each bottle of Yurt contains 30 gelatin capsules. Order yours now and discover the difference!

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